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The purpose of this website is to publicise the perverse and illogical decisions by the Crown Prosecution Service. It has been created by Wren Properties Limited after one of its former directors, Helen Armstrong, embezzled from the company over a period of years up to March 2002. She has yet to be even investigated by the Police let alone be tried. This is only because of advice to the Police from the CPS, who have totally disregarded their own rules as stated in The Code for Crown Prosecutors (see here View Complaint).


Helen Armstrong was a director and company secretary of Wren Properties Limited and worked for the company for ten years. She was in charge of all the day-to-day operations of the business.

In March 2002, whilst Armstrong was on holiday, two company cheques signed by her were returned by the bank. These were investigated and the payments found to be inconsistent with the accounting entries.

The matter was passed to external accountants to investigate and the clear conclusion was that the cheques were deliberate frauds. Forensic investigation of the accounts for the previous four years showed that Armstrong had stolen many times from the company.

Armstrong initially denied the accusations and legal advice was taken which concluded that Wren should attempt to recover the money before the Police were called. There is no time limit on criminal prosecutions so the advice was to report her crimes to the Police at a later date. As the investigations and legal action progressed Helen Armstrong repaid the company a total of 452,516.82.

The matter was reported to the Police and they were passed the evidence of the 180 proven frauds. This included the report from the investigating accountants who had independently verified that sums had indeed been stolen from the company.

Nevertheless the Crown Prosecution Service told the Police that they would not recommend a Police investigation on the basis that it was not in the public interest to do so. This was despite the fact that by now Armstrong had set up her own business and was trading with the general public.

Wren Properties Limited challenged this decision and John Holt, the Chief Crown Prosecutor of the Greater Manchester CPS admitted in writing, twice, that "[I] accept that there was sufficient evidence to give a realistic prospect of convicting Mrs Armstrong of stealing money from Wren Properties Ltd."

A disinterested reader is likely to agree with this analysis. Three typical examples of Helen Armstrong's frauds can be viewed here View Complaint.

Helen Armstrong now trades as Sherlock Homes, Sherlock Homes4U and Sherlock Homes Properties Ltd, "Sherlock" being her maiden name. Sherlock Homes, Sherlock Homes4U and Sherlock Homes Properties Ltd are all to be found at 52 Beech Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9EG.


Paragraph 6.4.m on page 11 of the Code for Crown Prosecutors (2000 Edition) says that it is in the public's interest for prosecution where

"there are grounds for believing that the offence is likely to be continued or repeated, for example, by a history of recurring conduct"

for this reason, Wren Properties Ltd requests readers to submit examples of any acts of dishonesty by Helen Armstrong or Sherlock Homes.

Wren Properties Limited also asks any readers to submit their own examples of Crown Prosecution Service decisions that are at odds with the principles and purpose of justice. It is hoped that as a whole these cases will generate publicity that will put pressure on the Attorney General to review the anomalous decisions of his CPS.

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