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My husband had a object thrown at him on our property by a juvenile. he instinctively threw it back. The juvenile's father then came to our property and attacked my husband with pepper spray,badly injusring my husband, injuring myself and damaging our property. The CPS have charged the father with common assault and did not intend to prosecute for the criminal damage or the assault on myself.(By her own admission, the lawyer hadn't read all of the file when she recommended the charge). After I complained, they agreed to prosecute for the criminal damage but said, and I quote, that to charge with the assault by transferred malice on myself would be 'over-egging the pudding'. My husband has also been cautioned for throwing the object back at the juvenile but apparently there is insufficient evidence to charge the juvenile with throwing the object in the first place. Do the CPS have any idea how their decisions affect people...do they even care? I totally agree with your page title od 'Criminal Protection Service'. How come the defendant can choose their own solicitor but the victim is stuck with the CPS. I am totally disgusted with the CPS. Why on earth was the charging decision taken away from Custody Sargeants?


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