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Bolton CPS

Mr Michael O'Brien's ex wife, Gail O'Brien who is a Crown Prosecutor for Bolton CPS says that on a certain date, Mr O'Brien assaulted her. This is alleged to have happened at 9 in the morning. She waited until 9pm to inform the police, by which time she had sustained a slight facial injury. Mr O'Brien catetgorically denies that this incident took place.

Their marriage broke down when Mrs O'Brien finally admitted her affair with a work colleague.

He was found guilty, he is appealing.

He believes that Mrs O'Brien is using her knowledge of the legal system to destroy her ex husband. This allegation was made in an attempt to remove her husband from the lives of their children. She launched this campaign against Mr O'Brien following a long affair with a colleague.

He stands to lose everything. His home, his children, his livelihood. She is abusing her position to ensure the destruction of her husband.

A complaint has been made to John Holt, to date no reply has been forthcoming.

There is a video on YOUTUBE "Shame of the Crown Prosecution Service" which whilst on the face of it does not appear that serious, (it relates to her use of cocaine) it demonstrates her attitude towards her position. She clearly states on this video that she is prepared to lie to her bosses at the CPS in order to keep her job.

This begs the question, if she would lie to her bosses to keep her job, would she also lie in court to destroy the man she once loved?


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