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assauslt. criminal damage, harrassment

i was assaulted in my business premises by a woman and her son when i stepped in to protect my employee, who was the defendents ex girlfriend. i did not know these people who had been systematically harrassing the girl for over a week.

the male defendent smashed my shop window. slammed the door into my knee and then threatedend me with death. saying he would kill me he then pulled his arm back in readiness to punch my face. he is 6 feet 2" while i am 4 feet 9".

both mother and son were charged with assault, while the son was charged with harrassment and crimminal damage. the offence took place in october 2008. yesterday i was informed that both defendets would only plead guilty to the lesser charge of a public order offence and this was accepted by the cps. they were both bound over to keep the peace for 12 months and the male defendant was ordered to pay me in the sum of 50 as compensation. the cps did not order payment for my smashed shop window because they said the male defendant had no means. i can not claim any of the 211.50p cost of the window from my insurance as the there is an wxcess of 250.00.

the cps said in a letter to me that the outcome would have been the same if the origional charge had held. they also said that they had based the sentence on the fact thaat the female defendant is soon to have an operation and so will her husband. however, why should this affect the sentence of the male defendant, their son? my employee was told in her letter of explanation from the cps that it (the assault etc) was what one should expect when a relationship ends i wish someone.

i am going to make a complaint about this decision because i feel the cps has been derelict in its duties. i would be happy if the person represening the cps in this case was sacked. i think they should fund a private prosecution. however after reading some of the other cases i don't expect any thing will be done. what is your advise?


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