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On New Years Eve this year my brother in law, a father of 3 aged 31 went for a night out and never came home. He was involved in a fight with a 16 year old girl and a 19 year old male student. The girl was dealt with by the magistrates and given a charge for assault as her heel marks were embedded in my brother in laws shoulder and bottom. The 19 year old was dealt with by the crown court and charged with murder. The CCTV footage from the night did not show who started the fight, the CCTV footage did however show a male friend of the attacker stating ‘on my god I think he has killed him’. The witness was not questioned on this statement in court. An independent witness came forward who identified the attacker in court and stated that she saw him kick my brother in law in the head twice, these are the injuries that killed him. Despite this the judge took it upon himself to state there was lack of evidence and the case was thrown out. How doe’s the young girl that kicked him receive a charge for assault and the guy that killed him walk away? We are looking into bringing a civil case.


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