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My son was the victim of a serious unprovoked attack on Xmas Eve 2005.

He had to have an operation and now has a metal plate and screws in his jaw for the rest of his life. His nose was also broken and he now has to lose a tooth as well.

Five of the Ten perpetrators were arrested and bailed. Forensic testing also found my son's blood on their clothing.

Even though my son was able to give the police a description of the cars they were driving which resulted in the five arrest's the CPS decided to take NO FURTHER ACTION!!!

He was never given the opportunity to go to an ID parade and the attackers were never re-interviewed to explain why my son's blood was on their clothes.



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even when they decide to prosecute they cannot get it right. my daughter +granddaughter were attacked by thugs who entered her home and attacked them for a third time ,leaving them with horific injuries their evidence was lies from begining to end and it was hardly challeged by the cps barrister +they walked free

Posted on 29/08/2006 at 13:09 by morwena hallett

One should not be suprised at this, had any one of these gang had stolen any money in any way connected to the government they would have definitely been in court and sent to jail. GBH is not counted as an offence in our country today< unless of course it is against a civil servant>

Posted on 21/08/2006 at 18:05 by Len


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