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On 30th April this year, my daughter & her partner got into a hackney cab at Piccadilly Train Station and were taken home, the journey home was uneventful, apart from my daughter speaking with a friend all the way home on her mobile, this conversation ended with my daughter telling her friend 'she'd have to go now as they had arrived outside their home and she would need to pay the driver' she then passed the driver a 20 for a 9.00 metered fare, the driver flicked back at them only 5, when challenged on the short change the driver dismissed her by waving his hand, again she challenged him by saying you're taking the pi"", with this the driver started away from their home with them locked in the back of the cab, the driver then rebuckled his seat belt, my daughter told the driver she was going to phone the police to which the driver replied you phone police, you phone police, she then dialled 999, the whole of the following journey was recorded by the police, our daughter and her partner were extremely frightened and were banging on the perspex dividing panel begging the driver to stop and let them out, the driver ran numerous red traffic lights, our daughter told the 999 operator this, our daughter describes the taxi bouncing wildly from side to side, she remembers the female 999 operative telling her to stay calm. Our daughter lost conciousness approximatly 2 miles away from her home. The taxi driver has 12 different opportunities to stop at variious junctions, the driver eventually lost control of the vehicle 2.5 miles away from their home, the taxi mounted the pavement hit a lamp post, and rolled hitting two trees before coming to a stop, the crash closed off the A57 in Manchester for several hours during the early hours of the morning. My daughter had to be resusitated at the scene and it took the emergency services over 1 hour to extract her from the wreckage of the cab, she sustained an open compound fracture of her femur, broken arm and finger, and multiple cuts and bruising all over her body, she had to undergo two operations within two days to save her leg, she is now left with 3 horrific scars on her leg, a limp and multiple scars to her abdomen, arm, head and fingers, her partner was thrown through both the dividing screen and the windscreen and was found 30 feet away from the taxi, suffered several fractured vertebrae, 3 broken ribs, punctured lung and multifple bruising and abrasions. The taxi driver walked away with minor injuries. We had to hound the police to take statements from our daughter, and subsquently from her partner these statements were finally taken in June/July 07. The driver on the night made a statement saying that my daughter's partner had broken through the dividing screen and this had caused him to lose control of the cab. This driver had EVERY opportunity to STOP his vehicle, HE was in control of the whole situation. Now some 7 months later the police are saying that given the taxi drivers statement they are not going to prosecute this driver as there is insufficent evidence! A traffic officer had the nerve to say to me that its 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other! I wonder if he would've felt this way had it been his child? We cannot get the police to sit down and talk to us about their decision. WHERE do we go from here? The police seem to be taking only the driver's view on this horrific incident. The CPS have obviously been involved to reach this decision, and we don't know where to turn as this driver should be made to answer to a court of law, and it's for a judge and jury to decide who was to blame surely? Can anyone offer any advice? We are not able to financially support a private prosecution. Any advice would be appreciated.


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