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Latest Developments

Latest Developments

John Holt, the Chief Crown Prosecutor in Greater Manchester, in his letter dated 20 August 2004, says that ".....a re-examination of a case that shows that the original decision not to prosecute was clearly wrong, and the maintenance of public confidence in the criminal justice system requires that a prosecution be brought notwithstanding the earlier decision". We seek your help in showing that ALL such perverse decisions by the CPS must by their nature damage public confidence in the criminal justice system.

We have tried to interest Hazel Blears, the Minister of State for crime reduction and policing, in this case. She has not replied to several messages left for her with her Agent. This is despite being sent a file containing details of the frauds.

We have been told that the Manchester CPS is demoralised and CPS solicitors routinely do not turn up for cases. We are seeking evidence to support this.

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